NEA EdCommunities


I am pleased to announce I was selected to be an online facilitator for the National Education Association’s EdCommunities! I wasn’t sure I had a real chance at it not knowing how many other qualified teachers applied, but I was thrilled when I got the acceptance email.

I love online interactions. I have been interacting with others online pretty solidly for many years, but it didn’t reach a climax for me until 2007 when I became a “resident” of Second Life and really began collaborating with other teachers in a virtual environment. Since then I have earned a Masters in Educational Technology online with Grand Canyon University, and am working on my  doctorate in Educational Leadership online with GCU as well.

I have often lamented at how flat my online classes are and how I crave something more exciting as I know online interactions can be so vibrant and engaging. Having the opportunity to be an online group facilitator for NEA has provided me a unique opportunity to do just that, provide a vibrant online collaboration experience for other educators. I look forward to the challenge!

I encourage all my educator friends to sign up for NEA’s Ed Communities and experience Virtual Professional Learning Communities (VPLC). I facilitate “Digital Tools &  Learning 3-5” and would love to see you join my group as well as join other groups of interest to you. I am including a very detailed user’s guide to show you how to get started. If you want personal assistance, feel free to reach out to me and I will help you get going!  See you online!

NEA EdCommunities User Guide: edcommunities-getting-started-guide-v1-5-1