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The Imagination Machine

We recently had an assembly by “The Imagination Machine” brought to us by our PTA.

The students really enjoyed it and afterward they were tasked with writing their own stories. After we brainstormed of “who, what, where” students wrote, and had a good time doing so. They practiced the writing process and improved their pieces. Teachers were asked to turn in the best papers so that they could be sent on to The Imagination Machine for consideration as they will be visiting us again before the school year is out to perform some of our students’ stories. I wanted to share the stories of those selected from my class in a new way, so I decided to finally try out SoundCloud and have students make their stories into mini podcasts for anyone to listen to.  Please click HERE to access the playlist that contains the following stories:

  • “The Lost Swimmer” by Xiomara
  • “Aquaman Saves the Ocean” by Jesse
  • “The Lost Little Girl” by Audrey
  • “The Boy With Bad Luck” by Andrew
  • “The Hero” by Wyatt
  • “Samantha Steals Jewelry” by Amanda
  • “The Friendly Ghost” by Therese

The class on the whole did a great job with their writing. I am seeing much neater penmanship, improved spelling and sentence construction, and proper paragraph structure. One area I observed that needed some work across all students was adding more details, which we will continue to work on.


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