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Making The Most

home-office-336373_1920EduBlogsClub Prompt #22:

Prompt: Write a post about tips and tricks that help you get the most out of your days.

Here are some possible topics to help get you started:

  • What apps help you boost your productivity? Why?
  • Describe your daily routine, What could you do to improve your productivity?
  • Share the story of a time when you were more productive than you thought you would be and how you managed to achieve that.
  • Share your favorite organizational tools that help make you more productive.
  • Create a list of tips that help you stay focused on tasks.
  • What is one aspect of being productive with which you struggle?

My job presently is rather different than when I was in the classroom, so I am going to address this topic from the standpoint of productivity on the whole. There are three big things I am working to stay on top of right now:

  1. My son’s online schooling
  2. My dissertation coursework
  3. Studying for the California Preliminary Administrative Credential Examination (CPACE)

I manage all of them with OneNote. Never heard of OneNote? Click here for a little video.

My school district is a Microsoft district and we have access to most of the Microsoft tools available in our district arrangement. However, there has not been an in-house tech training/PD on how to best use them. Most educators I know in my district who want to maximize the Microsoft tools we have at our disposal, sign up to attend a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) training. That is what I did a couple of years ago and my mind was blown. There is so much you can do with Microsoft tools. If going to a training is not possible, the MIE community is huge and has quite an impressive library of courses you can take to get yourself up to speed with the latest and greatest Microsoft has to offer. And you earn badges too! Don’t we all love digital badges? I know I do! 🙂

So back to OneNote. I was first encouraged to put its massive power to use at work by a fellow teacher on assignment in my department. My mind was blown immediately as to how easy it was to use. I could easily add pretty much anything I wanted to it and collaborate with others if need be. I have never stopped using OneNote since then and use it daily.  I have OneNote notebooks on pretty much everything. It is a super convenient way for me to capture all my thoughts and capitalize on them. I am a journaler at heart and have been known to keep various notebooks. OneNote makes it so I can have all the notebooks I like and be able to access them no matter where I am. So handy!

OneNote goes beyond just being a cool digital notebook, it has an impressive classroom aspect called Class Notebook. I was already out of the classroom when I learned about it, but I wish I could have used it with my students!

Do you use OneNote? If so, how? If not, do you think you would try it? Share with me in the comments below. 🙂



Wife, mother, National Board Certified Teacher, doctoral student researching the learner centered teaching practices of fully online K-12 teachers, Elementary Assistant Principal and dog lover. Passionate about educational technology, academic innovation, and redesigning the American educational system.

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