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Spelling Story of the Week

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There once was a puppy named Melissa. Melissa had an owner named Ashlyn. They were perfect for each other. On Ashlyn’s birthday she and the puppy would blow out the candles together. When Ashyln would come home from school and her Mom opened the door handle the puppy would jump into her arms. When Ashyln tangled her hair Melissa would untangle it with her claws. Ashlyn taught the puppy to play marbles, bubbles, and waddle on her hind legs. The puppy never misbehaved. One day there was a fire at Ashlyn’s house. Ashlyn’s mom had gotten out of the house but Ashlyn was sleeping in the house. The puppy ran in the house and pulled Ashlyn out and started barking with excitement. Ashlyn’s mom and the puppy were happy Ashlyn was ok. From that day on the family was always careful with each other.

Spelling focus: the /el/ sound spelled -le

Note: This story was typed in part by Xiomara.

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Introducing….Spelling Story of the Week!

In order to promote better spelling, I have decided to publish a student spelling story to my website as a special treat to my students. As a proponent of educational technology, I would have preferred my students type and publish their stories themselves, but in light of the limited technology we possess in my classroom I figured me typing and publishing their stories for them was still something they would be very interested in and I was not mistaken. After teaching the words of the week, and creating a list for them to practice with on VocabularySpellingCity, they were tasked with writing a spelling story (my way of trying to multitask and not only work on spelling, but writing as well). My instructions to them were that they were to take this week’s words and use as many as possible in a story that makes sense. We have an editing procedure in class where the students sit on the floor to “peer edit” on another before they revise their papers and turn them in to me. After reading the completed papers the following was selected as the best of the week. We will repeat this routine each week with new spelling words.

(spelling words are in bold)

“The Boy That Broke His Leg” by Wyatt

Once upon a time there was a boy playing sports outside. He was going inside because a storm began. When he was stepping on the porch he slipped and broke his leg. His mom heard him scream and she ran to get him. They got in the car and drove to the hospital. They had to hurry because it hurt more and more. When they got to the hospital the nurse checked him in. The nurse was looking at it. She said “Yep, its broken.” They brought in the doctor and the doctor did some x-rays. By the time it was 10 minutes before 1:00 the doctor gave the boy crutches and a cast. The doctor said “Stay off the leg for 6 weeks.” Right before they left a storm started, so the doctor gave the boy a wheelchair. 6 weeks passed and they boy was 10. Then he tried out for a sports team and he made it because he practiced a lot.

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