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In light of my current displeasure over the lack of necessary technology in my classroom, I have decided to conduct an experiment.  I would like to put to use all of the wonderful things I already know about Web 2.0 tools as well as what I will learn as a part of the DEN STAR Ambassador program and through my studies as I work toward my Masters in Educational Technology. I have one student I am free to do anything to, one I can do anything with, post his work, his image, keep after school…and that would be my son.  He has access to some of the latest technologies because I believe in them.  He has an iPad mini, a smart phone, 3DS, and access to newer computers…all of which can be used as educational technology. So with him I will explore what it would be like if I had all of these devices to teach with in my classroom and what I would do. I will share my ideas, my son’s work, and the results here on my website so if there are any other parents like me who would like to experiment with me, feel free to do so and post your comments. I will post my first experiment idea soon.