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Hello Families,

Since we have adopted the Common Core, our grading and scoring have changed. One of the more noticeable changes will be the lack of letter grades.  In primary, you were likely used to seeing Outstanding (O), Satisfactory (S), Needs Improvement (N) and Unsatisfactory (U). Once you receive your first progress report (which you should this week) you will see there are no letter grades and the district’s new Common Core grading key is:

4 – Thorough Progress: exceeding grade level standard
3 – Adequate Progress: meeting grade level standard
2 – Partial Progress: approaching grade level standard
1 – Minimal Progress: below grade level standard

The 3rd grade team will be scoring your child’s work in this way as well and you may see a 4, 3, 2 or 1 on work your child brings home. The following is what the grade level team determined as a grading scale:

90% to 100% = 4
70% to 89% = 3
60% to 69% = 2
0% to 59% = 1

I hope that helps you to understand the scoring on your child’s papers. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via Class Dojo or send an email.

~Mrs. Ruiz