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California Baptist University

Today we had some special visitors from California Baptist University (CBU). Last year when Mrs. Cabrales asked teachers to select a class college/university to promote higher education with our students I chose CBU because that is where I went to earn my teaching credential and Masters (I earned my Bachelors in International Business from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA).  It was CBU who prepared me to be a teacher, and I enjoyed my classes there very much. I think CBU is a fine local institution and I thought they would be a nice fit for my students.  As it turned out they have a very active “ambassador” program and not only send promotional items, but actual student ambassadors to come out and talk to the kids about college and what it is like to be a CBU student.  This is the second year that CBU has come out to visit my class and today was the day.  The kids had so much fun and enjoyed the guests and the CBU goodies they brought them!


My son Xavier is modeling the shirts each student was given.  2027 is the year these 3rd graders would graduate college if they attended directly after high school. As an incentive to wear the shirts I have made Wednesdays “CBU Shirt Day” for a spirit point on Class Dojo.

~ Mrs. Ruiz

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