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Class News for May 16th

Hello Families!

As we come up on the last several days of school I have decided there will no longer be any “official” homework.  Instead I am sending home easy to do science projects and math art for students and families who still want something to work on.  Any work completed will be worth ClassDojo points.  We will have Math and Science Show and Tell Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to give an opportunity to those students who choose to do the optional homework a chance to share their work with the class.  I have encouraged them to use technology when doing so.  For example, they could make a Power Point presentation, or make a movie or video of themselves working on the task to show to the class.  I have encouraged them to be creative!  Students can bring any tech work they do in on a flash/thumb/jump/USB drive, it can be burned onto a CD ROM, or if the file is small enough it can be emailed to me.  If they bring their device (with your permission) I have the necessary projection adapters for only Apple devices (sorry Android users). If they publish work on a site, they can provide me the URL and we will have a look at it in class.  If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Here is the first bit of optional science work I have given the class.  The copier jammed so I didn’t have enough for everyone and I wanted to be sure to post it here so those who may not have gotten it and want to try it can read what is required.  The images are sideways, and I couldn’t figure out how to correct that in the time I had to make this post (believe me I tried), but if you save them, you can correct them on your machine before printing.

27 Separator pg 1

27 Separator pg 2

Any of the optional science and math work can be done at the student’s pace and be turned in at any time.

The ClassDojo reports appeared to print out incorrectly today, but I did not have time to investigate.  So please do log into ClassDojo and have a look at your child’s points.

We had a great Career Day today and we will be writing thank you letters next week not only to those who came to see us, but to those at DGE who set up such a wonderful day.  The visitors inspired discussions about what the kids want to be when they grow up and we did a bit of writing about it and made a very cute little movie that I think would make a great keepsake of their third grade year.  I cannot publish it here due to privacy issues, but I will be attempting to email a copy of it to the parents for you to see and enjoy very soon.

Beginning next week we will be having PE each morning.  Please make sure to send your child to school dressed appropriately.  Sandals are not allowed at school and unsafe for PE.

I believe that addresses everything I discussed with the class today.  As always, if you have any questions please send me an email and I will reply as soon as possible.

~Mrs. Ruiz


Wife, mother, National Board Certified Teacher, doctoral student researching the learner centered teaching practices of fully online K-12 teachers, Elementary Assistant Principal and dog lover. Passionate about educational technology, academic innovation, and redesigning the American educational system.

2 thoughts on “Class News for May 16th

    1. A pleasure! I have been so pleased with the response to them it is making me rethink how homework will be for next year’s class. I am especially loving the way the kids use the technology they have to document their work. Very inspiring! I am so glad I can encourage the use of technology in education despite school resource limitations.

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